NCRS Tabulation

Tabulation is an essential component to NCRS Judging. Here are the tools and documents that are used for tabulation:
Tabulator Procedures (also listed below)
NCRS Awards Listing
Flight Judging Summary Sheet
Driven Mileage Points
Tabulator Room Supplies
Tabulator Sign-In Sheet
Tabulator’s Summary Form
Concours Points by Division

Tabulator Procedures – Chapter and Regional

Tabulation Selection:

The Chapter Judging Chairman will notify the Lead Tabulator of individuals who have indicated an interest in being a Tabulator at a Chapter or Regional Meet.  At a Chapter Meet, it might require the Lead Tabulator to call individuals to assist in this process.  At a Regional Meet, send an e-mail to those volunteers to find out if they have a preference of what day they would like to tabulate.  Once that information is collected, send an e-mail listing the Tabulators scheduled for each day of the Meet. 

Area or Room Set Up for Tabulating:

Refer to the Tabulator Area/Room Set Up document.

Tabulator Sign In:

Have all the Tabulators sign in with their name and NCRS Member Number to receive Tabulation participation credit of 5 points at a Chapter, Regional or National Meet.  This form is turned in to the Judging Chairman for them to enter data into the NCRS system.

Tabulator’s Summary and Check Off Form:

At a Chapter Judging Meet, prepare the Tabulator’s Summary and Check Off Form with the Owner’s Name, VIN Number and Model Year of Car being judged.  There are five areas for Flight and Concours Judging:  Operations, Interior, Exterior, Mechanical and Chassis.  Judging Sheets are turned in by either the Judges or Judging Chairman.  After the Judging Sheet has been tabulated, check the Section Area on this form to record that the Judging Sheet has been received, i.e. Operations, Interior, etc. for each Flight and Concours car being judged.  Also, record the total deductions taken for each judged area.  Make a note of the number of Bonus Points the Owner received on the Operations Judging Sheet.

At a Regional Judging Meet, have the Chapter Judging Chairman print out the Flight and Concours Judging Sheets and this will print out by Judging Division and Team Leader and the cars they are scheduled to judge.  It includes the Owner’s Name and VIN number.  This sheet can be used for the recording of receipt of the tabulated Judging Sheet for each area for Flight and Concours cars being judged.  Also, record the total deductions taken for each judged area.  Make a note of the number of Bonus Points the Owner received on the Operations Judging Sheet.

Owner Check-In Procedure:

The Chapter Judging Chairman will review all check-in information and have the Owner sign and initial all appropriate check-in forms prior to the start of judging.  An important area to catch prior to any tabulation is whether the car was driven or trailered.    At a Regional Meet, there is an Award for the car that was driven the Most Miles and also, an Award for the car that was trailered the Most Miles.  It is important to get this documented early so the Tabulation Team knows if there are any additional points to be awarded due to Miles Driven.   Also, have the Chapter Judging Chairman provide a copy of the Judging assignments for the Chapter or Regional Event.  This is important to have to know what Judge(s) or Team Leaders need to be contacted due to a question, missing information, etc. on a Judging Sheet

Reviewing Completed Judging Sheets:

While Judges, Team Leaders or Judging Chairman are in your presence, review the Judging Sheets they are turning in for each line item having a slash (/) noting no deduction or a value of deduction in the appropriate Score column(s).  There is a value given for each line item on the Judging Sheet for Originality and Condition.   Concours cars are only judged on Appearance. 

Proper Sign Off Prior to Turning in a Completed Judging Sheet:

Also, make certain the Judges, Owner and Team Leader have all signed off on the Judging Sheet prior to it being turned into the Tabulation Room.  The Judging Chairman usually signs off on these after the Meet is over and they have reviewed them prior to submitting the results to the NCRS web site.

Total Deduction Line Item:

If there has been a total deduction of the points for any area, the Judging Chairman needs to sign off on the acceptance of the Total Deduction by initializing the area.  Also, when there is a Total Deduction, the Owner loses total points for Originality and Condition.

Required Explanation for Deduction Made:

There should always be a reason written for any deduction on Originality, Condition or Appearance to assist the Owner in knowing why this deduction was made.  It does not have to be extensive but just a short note. 

No Entry in the Score Box for a Line Item:

If there is no slash (/) or value noted in the Score box, return it directly to the Judges, Team Leader or Judging Chairman to have them complete the area. 

Possible Exceptions:

There are, however, some areas in certain sections that do not have to be judged, for example, on the Exterior Judging Sheet, the car might be a convertible and there would also be a hard top area to be judged and normally the Judging Team just places an x through this area that does not apply to the car being judged.

Tabulation Procedure for the Judging Sheets:

Check the label for correctness as far as the Model Year of the car being judged with the years stated on the Judging Sheet.  Tally the deductions and record the total of the deductions at the bottom of each page for each column, Originality and Condition for Flight Judged cars and for Concours, only the Appearance column.  If there are no deductions, record a zero (0).  Place your initials in the Tabulator Initial Box and transfer either the total deductions or zero (0) if none to the last page in the Page 1 Subtotal Box. 

Continue this process until all the Judging Sheets for that Section have been tabulated and the scores recorded on the last page.  When all Judging Sheets have been tabulated and the scores transferred, tally all the deductions and record in the Total Deduction box.  Transfer this amount to the line under the Total Points available for that section and subtract from that amount to get the Total for that Section.  Remember to initial in the Tabulator Box on the final page as well. The Judging Sheet is ready to be handed to another Tabulator to go through the same process. 

Second Tabulation of a Judging Sheet:

One thing to keep in mind when doing a second tabulation on a Judging Sheet is you are not checking the previous Tabulator’s addition but going through to make certain the correct numbers are recorded as if you are doing the first tabulation.   If there are any discrepancies or if they did not initial a certain box, ask them to correct the error prior to your proceeding with your final tally.  The completed Judging Sheets will then be placed in the appropriate Owner’s packet until all the required Judging Sheets have been received for his/her car.

Operations Judging Sheet:

The Operations Judging Sheet has a Bonus Point area.  If the Owner has a Fire Extinguisher, Battery Disconnect Switch and NCRS Window Decal, they receive a total of 10 Bonus Points.  If they only have one or two of these items, they will receive 3 Bonus Points for each item. This total is transferred to the Bonus Points line after the Deductions have been recorded on the last page of the Operations Judging Sheet.  They become an addition instead of a subtraction.

Procedure for Final Tabulation of a Set of Judging Sheets:

After all the Judging Sheets and Summary Sheets have been recorded and received for a judged car, the final tabulation is done.    The Lead Tabulator or Assistant will place the Judging Sheets in order, i.e. Judging Summary Sheet, Scoring Summary Sheet, Operations, etc.

First Final Tabulation – Check the labels on each Judging Sheet to make certain the Owner, Model Year of car and VIN Number are all in agreement.  This is especially important at a Regional and National level where some individuals might have two cars judged in the same division.   If not already recorded by the Lead Tabulator or Assistant, transfer the Total Points for each Section to the Judging Summary Sheet and Scoring Summary Sheet.    Add all the Points up to arrive at a RAW Score.  Divide the RAW score by 45 to arrive at the Net Score and do not round up.  This will be done on both Summary Sheets.  For Concours judged cars, divide the RAW score by 22.5 to arrive at the Net Score and do not round up.

Driving Points Awarded:

Another area to gain additional points is if the Owner drove their car to the Chapter or Regional Meet.  This will be noted on the Judging Summary Sheet and the number of miles they drove should be recorded.  In order to qualify for Driving Points, a Flight judged car must obtain a Minimum 75.0% Net Score and Concours judged cars must obtain a Minimum 85.0% Net Score.  There are several other factors as well which are explained in the NCRS Judging Reference Manual and they are explained in Section 3 – NCRS Flight Scoring System pages (copy attached).  Once these Driving Points are calculated, they are added to the Net Score for a Grand Total Score; Driving Points are also not rounded up.  The applicable Flight Award Box is checked and the Tabulator initials the sheet.  If the Grand Total Score is close (within .01 or .02) to the next level of Flight or Concours Award, review this with the Judging Chairman.

Bonus Points Review:

Review the Operations Section to see how many Bonus Points the Owner received and make a note of it.  For Flight judged cars, it will be 4500 (no Bonus Points), 4510 (all Bonus Points), 4506 (2 out of 3 Bonus Points) or 4503 (1 out of 3 Bonus Points).   For Concours judged cars, it will be 2250 (no Bonus Points), 2260 (all Bonus Points), 2256 (2 out 3 Bonus Points) or 2253 (1 out of 3 Bonus Points).  

Second and Third Tabulation of the Completed Judging Sheets:

The Second Tabulation is pretty much doing the same process as above and they also initial the Scoring Summary sheets

The Third Tabulation for accuracy is to tally all the column total deductions (Originality and Condition columns for Flight judged cars and Appearance column for Concours judged cars) page by page throughout all the Sections and deduct this amount from the above-recorded Grand Total Score.  If this is in agreement with the Summary Sheets, they place a check mark in the upper right-hand corner of the Green (White) Summary Sheet along with their initials that the final check has been made.  If it is not in agreement, further examination of the recorded scores needs to be assessed.

Another Method of Checking for Accuracy:

Tally all the Total Deductions from each Section and subtract from the Total Points Available and this should compare to the RAW Score.  This is a double check of numbers being transferred correctly.   If this does not compare, then each Section of Judging Sheets needs to be reviewed to see where the error occurred.  Once the tabulation is completed for all the Flight judged and Concours judged cars, the cars can be released from the Judging field.

Judging Chairman Awards Form:

At a Chapter Meet, the Judging Chairman Awards Listing Form can be prepared for the Awards presentation.  This lists what type of Award is being given, along with the Year and Owner’s Name.  There may also be some special awards given such as Sportsman, Bowtie Display, etc. 

For a Regional Meet, the Judging Chairman will print out The Flight Judging and Concours Judging for Banquet Forms or Flight Judging Results and Special Awards Forms.  These forms list the Owner’s Name, City, State, Model Year and Body Style of each car judged along with an Award Result column.   After the final tabulation process has been completed for all the judged cars, the Award Result column can be completed for the Judging Chairman for presentation of the Awards at the Banquet.  The Lead Tabulator or Assistant will record the Award Result, i.e. Flight judged cars – Top Flight, Second Flight, etc. and for Concours judged cars, it will be either a Stock Division or Modified Division Award.  There may be some additional Award Forms as well such as Performance Verification, etc.  The completed Owner’s Packets and Awards Listings are turned over to the Judging Chairman.

NCRS JUDGING AWARDS: There are also many other Mark of Excellence Awards and Special Recognition Awards.  These are attained at the National Convention.