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National Corvette Restorers Society Mission

Formed in 1974, the National Corvette Restorers Society is a non-profit hobby group of 15,800+ families dedicated to the restoration, preservation, history and enjoyment of Corvettes made from the model years 1953 through 1996.

If you are looking for a 1953 – 96 Corvette: The seller is telling you “the numbers match”. Do you know what they mean? Are they truthful? Join the NCRS and learn from all of the information we have gathered in the last 38 years to make a wise decision when you purchase your Corvette.

If you already own a 1953 – 96 Corvette: No matter what you are up to, NCRS members have been there before. Benefit from all of the information we have gathered in the last 38 years to make better and smarter decisions as you restore and maintain your valuable Corvette.

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GM 1962-1975 Corvette Delivery Data

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With permission granted by the General Motors Heritage Center, the National Corvette Restorers Society is pleased to announce that it can now offer solely to its members, certain information contained in 1962 after number 6000 and through 1975 (with some limited data) Corvette Month Car Shipped Reports. The ordering information is available at our new Historical Documentation Service.

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NCRS History
Short article about the founding of NCRS and the people who put it together in 1974. Little did they know what a wonderful organization they were creating.

NCRS Foundation
Formed in 2006, the National Corvette Restorers Society Foundation is a 501(c) 3 Charity designed to provide an individual and/or corporate sponsors an avenue to make contributions of monies, non-cash items such as stock/securities or Corvette archive memorabilia to support the NCRS Scholarship program and the NCRS Charity program.

NCRS Archives
The NCRS Archives are part of the NCRS Foundation and are comprised of, but not limited to, Corvette related documents, data sheets, Technical Service Bulletins, drawings, assembly/owner’s manuals, books, and hundreds of other items. Until recently, these were unavailable to the membership. Now, everything is securely stored, catalogued and Archived in the Library of the Antique Automobile Club of America [AACA] in Hershey, PA.

NCRS Historic Document Services
These services can possibly provide documented information on the history of your car. First is the Shipping Data Report for 1962 after number 6000 and up through 1975 that includes actual build date and delivery dealer.

Document Validation Service where comparison of your documents to newly available records can verify that your documents are valid original documents. Award Confirmation Service where your cars NCRS Award History can be provided from records dating back to the early 1980’s.

Your link to the NCRS Publications.  Find out what the NCRS Publications have to offer to you, as well as links to submit your AD to the Driveline.  Learn the preferred ways to submit an article to The Corvette Restorer Magazine.

Membership Services
A description of NCRS Membership benefits.  New form for members address change.  A direct link to the membership renewal page at the NCRS Store.

NCRS Contacts A complete listing of NCRS Officers, Board of Directors, Team Leaders, and contact information for all NCRS Chapters. Links to chapter web pages are available for all chapters that have their own website.

Dealer and Zone Code Database!
A searchable database of Chevrolet Dealer and Zone Codes.  Search for the dealer that originally sold your car, or submit information to the database for others to use.

NCRS Judging Awards!
A complete description of the NCRS Judging Awards Program.  An overview of the judging process, and descriptions of the Awards available.

Technical Discussion Board!
Interactive Resource for Sharing Information on Corvettes from Model Years 1953 through 1996!    Technical Discussion only.  Ask fellow members for solutions that they have found for all variety of restoration problems.  This is an amazing wealth of knowledge available to Corvette Restorers or Corvette Drivers.  The Technical Board Archives contain over 300,000 posts you can search by keyword, date, or author.

NCRS Online Store!
Stop by and fill your Corvette needs from the comfort of your chair.  Restoration Reference Books, Judging Manuals, Video Restoration Guides, and many other items.  Buy Secure, Fast, and Convenient!

Corvette Restorer on DVD!
30 years of the Corvette Restorer Magazine on Compact Disc, now available at the NCRS Store.  New updated version now on sale.

The NCRS and Corvette Lingo Dictionary!
Find out what those acronyms mean.  Like most hobbies the Corvette hobby has a language all of its own.   Here is a growing resource for unlocking the mystery.