Approved 4/06/2006


The purpose of this document is to provide the North Central Chapter of the National Corvette Restorers Society, Inc. members with a uniform set of guidelines by which to operate and embodies the requirements as set forth by the NCRS in the NCRS Chapter Manual.

These guidelines offer a reasonable level of operational flexibility and must be closely observed in order to preserve the purpose and standards of the NCRS Inc.  Failure to observe the chapter guidelines can result in revocation of the North Central Chapter charter by the NCRS.


NCRS, Inc, sanctions chapters to promote NCRS activities on a regional or local scale.

The North Central Chapter exists to provide an additional outlet for NCRS activities and allow membership an opportunity to attend local events when it is financially or geographically impossible to attend NCRS National activities. This chapter will also provide an outlet for more detailed involvement in NCRS activities on an ongoing local basis.

The North Central Chapter will not be in competition with the national level activities but rather serve as a medium for a further expression of NCRS philosophy, which is the restoration, preservation, and history of the Corvette produced by the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors Corporation for model years as defined by the NCRS.


1.0           Membership in the North Central Chapter shall be open to all National NCRS members in good standing who submit a North Central Chapter membership application accompanied by dues in U.S. funds or proper equivalent.

2.0           There shall be no discrimination on any basis.

3.0           Eligibility for membership shall not be restricted to owners of Corvette automobiles.

4.0           Membership in the North Central Chapter is not transferable or assignable to anyone except the remainder of a paid membership to the surviving spouse in the event of the death of a paid member.

5.0           The Board of Directors may from time to time determine or adjust the amount of annual dues as set forth in Article IX.

5.1           The annual dues will cover a twelve-month period beginning at receipt of said dues, except for prorated dues paid the first year.

5.2           The Board may provide for dues, which would cover more than a twelve-month period.

5.3           The Board may provide for payment of dues on a calendar year basis or other basis.

5.4           Notification of annual dues may be by use of newsletter, by separate letter, email, or other.

6.0           When membership information is properly entered on an application form and accompanied by appropriate dues in advance, the member is admitted by the Membership Chairman.

7.0           The name, address, phone numbers, email address, date joined, and vehicles owned shall be entered on the records of the Chapter.

8.0           The member is then entitled to any and all services, publications, and benefits provided by the North Central Chapter for the period covered by dues.

8.1           Should a publication date be delayed beyond a member’s paid period, that publication will be forwarded as if it had been published punctually.

9.0           Termination, suspension and/or expulsion shall be set forth as follows:

9.1           When any member shall be in default in the payment of dues, their membership shall automatically be terminated.

9.2           Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Secretary who shall make a record of the resignation and notify the Membership Chairman.

9.2.1        Such resignation shall not relieve the member resigning of the obligation to pay assessments or other charges therefore accrued and unpaid.

9.2.2        A member who resigns is not entitled to a refund of dues.

9.3           The Board, by a 2/3-majority vote of those voting, may suspend or expel any member whose conduct is, in their judgment, in conflict with the purpose of the North Central Chapter and/or the NCRS or may adversely affect the reputation or interests of same organizations.

9.3.l         Such action will be taken only after such member has been informed of the charges and been given an appropriate hearing.

9.3.2        Any member whose membership is under suspension or has been expelled from the Chapter may not renew membership or rejoin the Chapter without permission of the Board.

9.3.3        Any expelled or suspended member is not entitled to a refund of dues.

9.3.4        Upon the Secretary’s receipt of a written request from the expelled or suspended member, the Board by a 2/3 majority vote of those voting may reinstate such member provided terms as the Board deems appropriate are met.

10.0         The classes of Membership for the North Central Chapter are set forth as follows.

10.0.1      Active members are those who have paid current dues and are entitled to receive any Chapter publication, including notices of Chapter activities, and shall have the right to one vote for each officer of the Board of Directors of the North Central Chapter. Since active members in the North Central Chapter must also be active members in the NCRS, they are also entitled to all privileges of the NCRS including receipt of NCRS publications and notices, and one vote for the NCRS Regional Representative.

10.0.2      Any active member in the North Central Chapter may be called upon or be appointed to serve in some capacity in Chapter positions.

10.0.3      Associate members are the spouse and minor children (under 18 years of age) of an active member.

10.0.4      Associate members may participate in Chapter functions along with active members without additional dues, but, shall have no voting privileges and receive no additional copies of publications.

10.5         Associate members may become active members by application and by paying regular membership dues.

10.6         Honorary members are persons so designated as honorary members of the NCRS National organization who the NCRS board has determined to have made significant contribution to the NCRS, Corvette history, or to the automotive hobby. Honorary members of the NCRS are automatically honorary members of the North Central Chapter.

10.6.1      Honorary members are entitled, upon request and verification with the NCRS, to receive all Chapter publications and participate in all Chapter activities.                 .

10.6.2      Honorary members do not pay dues.

10.7         Life members can only be life members in the North Central Chapter if they are life members in the NCRS national organization. After verification with the NCRS, and upon request, The Chapter Board may establish a one time fee covering all membership fees for the balance of that member’s life.  Life members are considered active members in all respects.


1.0           The North Central Chapter must maintain a minimum of 25 NCRS, Inc. members to retain chapter status. In the event membership falls below 25 member and stays below this level for a period of 6 months chapter status may be revoked by the NCRS, Inc.

2.0           All Chapter members must be members in good standing of NCRS, Inc. and no other restrictions shall be imposed on membership requirements.

3.0           The North Central Chapter shall elect it’s own officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Judging Chairman, Membership Chairman, Activities Chairman, Editor, Technical Director and any other officers that the Chapter may deem necessary to elect or appoint.

4.0           The North Central Chapter shall make reports of chapter meetings and shall file annual reports of chapter activities and meetings as outlined in Article VII. This report shall be submitted on a form prescribed by the Board of Directors of the NCRS, Inc. and shall include an accurate current list of Chapter members.

5.0           The North Central Chapter must keep with the goals, ideals, and philosophy of the NCRS and must conduct all activities accordingly or be subject to revocation of the charter.

6.0           The North Central Chapter is free to conduct a strictly NCRS, Inc. activity as long as it is consistent with the purpose of NCRS Inc. which is the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of the early Corvette automobiles with manufactured model years as defined by the National NCRS. This includes fund raising for the Chapter provided such activity is exclusively operated and controlled by the NCRS, Inc. Chapter.

7.0           Affiliation or sponsorship by any other organization is permissible so as to further the goals and objectives of the Chapter. Membership in or affiliation with any organization that places the Chapter in a subservient position to that organization is not allowed.

8.0           Any function in which an appreciable benefit, financial or otherwise, is derived by some other organization, whether charitable or not, is prohibited by NCRS, Inc. as the organization will not allow exploitation of the name NCRS, Inc. If problems or questions arise surrounding this area, the Chapter should consult the NCRS Inc. Regional Representative.

9.0           The Chapter will submit proposed dates for activities, meets, and tours to the NCRS, Inc. Regional Representative for approval.  This is especially true for road tours since NCRS Insurance coverage must be extended to cover such events.  The NCRS, Inc. Financial Officer should be notified of any later changes.

10.0         The use of media is permissible to promote Chapter activities. Any advertising must specifically state that NCRS, Inc. judging will be for model year Corvettes as defined by the National NCRS.

11.0         Concourse events using NCRS, Inc. judging rules shall be for Corvettes only, for model years as defined by the National NCRS.

12.0         NCRS, Inc. judging rules must be used in any judging event.

13.0         Awards are to be presented as per NCRS, Inc. guidelines found in the Judging Reference Manual.

14.0         NCRS, Inc. reserves the right to amend, delete, or add to the rules and regulations pertaining to this Chapter’s bylaws.

15.0         The principle geographical area covered by the North Central Chapter will be Minnesota and adjacent states except Iowa and Wisconsin. NCRS Inc. directors may, if necessary, amend this area as they deem fit.

16.0         The North Central Chapter is incorporated in the State of Minnesota; and the official mailing address is the current address of the serving Chapter Chairman. Board meetings and Business meetings will be conducted within 100 miles of the Twin Cities.

17.0         The North Central Chapter has established a logo and is kept on file with the Editor.

18.0         ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER shall be the parliamentary authority regarding all Chapter meetings.

19.0         The ORDER OF BUSINESS for all Chapter meetings shall be as follows:

  1. Registration of those present
  2. Presentation of any proxies.
  3. Call to order by presiding Officer.
  4. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting by the Secretary  or his designate, and their approval.
  5. Treasurer’s report.
  6. Committee reports.
  7. Unfinished business.
  8. New business.
    9 .  Comments by officers  or others.
    10. Adjournment.

20.0         During all meetings, Board or Membership, a majority vote of those present (including proxy votes during Board meetings) shall prevail.

21.0         The following statements are a permanent part of this Chapter’s Bylaws:


21.1         The North Central Chapter agrees to conform to the provisions of the bylaws of NCRS, which take precedence in the event of any conflict, and will abide by the decisions of the NCRS Board and follow the directions of the NCRS Chapter Manual.

21.2         The North Central Chapter has all the responsibility, financial and otherwise, for any activities it conducts and NCRS shall not be responsible for any debts or other obligations incurred by the Chapter.

21.3         The North Central Chapter agrees that all active members of NCRS, and only active members of NCRS, be accepted for membership in the chapter.

21.4         The North Central Chapter will levy its own dues and have its own publication.

21.5         The North Central Chapter will keep accurate books and records of account on the calendar year basis.

21.6         The North Central Chapter will elect their officers and positions on a calendar year basis. It is suggested that no officer will serve more than three one- year terms.

21.7         The North Central Chapter will use ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER as their parliamentary authority and will use the NCRS Order of Business for its business meetings as stated in Article III paragraphs 18.0 and 19.0 of this manual.

22.0         The Chapter is obligated to notify the NCRS, Inc. Regional Representative of any changes to these bylaws,

23.0         The North Central Chapter falls within Region V and will cooperate with the Regional Representative in scheduling meets/events so as to avoid conflicting dates with other chapters or with National meets and events.

24.0         The Chapter Chairman will represent this chapter within the Region and will report to the Regional Representative.

25.0         This Chapter shall abide by the requirements of the NCRS, Inc. Chapter Manual.

26.0         There shall be no event scheduled by this Chapter that excludes any part of the NCRS, Inc. members present.

27.0         This chapter may dissolve or disband on its own by a 2/3-majority vote of all their active members.

27.1         Notice of chapter dissolution or disbanding must be given in writing to the NCRS, Inc. Regional Representative.

28.0         In the event this chapter is disbanded, dissolved or its charter forfeited or revoked, all properties, chattels, or money in the chapter treasury shall be disbursed to other “Non Profit” organizations.  The identity of these organizations will be made at that time, by the remaining members.

28.1         Revocation, forfeiture, dissolution or disbanding of this Chapter shall not affect any member’s rights as a member of NCRS, Inc.


1.0           This Chapter shall meet at least a minimum of four times per year.

2.0           Activities scheduled by this chapter shall be consistent with the goals and principles of NCRS, Inc.

3.0           At no time shall this chapter schedule events concurrently with any NCRS, Inc. meet or meeting or within one week of a National Convention or Road Tour.

4.0           Chapter activities shall fall into the following categories:

4.1           Judging meet – That type of meet where judging of Corvette model years as defined by the National NCRS is conducted per NCRS judging guidelines by NCRS judges.

4.2           Judging school – That type of event where judges are trained as per NCRS judging school guidelines as outlined in the Judging Reference Manual.

4.3           Road Tours – That type of event where primarily Corvette automobiles of the model years as defined by the National NCRS are driven as a group for enjoyment.  Road tours are cautioned to observe the rules of the road and all local laws to preserve the image of NCRS Inc.

4.4           Technical Seminars – That type of event where NCRS type restoration and preservation techniques are discussed or demonstrated.  These events can take the form of how-to sessions, panel discussions, or question and answer sessions, etc.

4.5           Swap Meets – That part of an event where parts for the Corvette model years as defined by the National NCRS are bought and sold or traded.

4.6           Social events – that type of event where NCRS members can gather to discuss mutual areas of NCRS interest and enjoy the camaraderie of NCRS membership.

5.0           Single day or weekend type meets can encompass any combination of or all of the above-suggested activities.

6.0           Chapter membership shall be notified of upcoming events at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

7.0           Meet or event advertising can be placed in the NCRS DRIVELINE and/or any other suitable publication or media.


1.0           The NCRS Judging Reference Manual and the NCRS is the sole guide for Chapter judging. Both are part of these bylaws.

2.0           The Chapter will ensure that only a complete and current Judging Reference Manual and appropriate NCRS Technical Information Manual & Judging Guide for the years being judged are utilized for the event.

3.0           The results of Chapter judging events are to be summarized on copies of the forms illustrated in the appendix of the Judging Reference Manual. Copies of the completed summary forms are to be mailed to the NCRS National Judging Chairman.

4.0           Chapter judging meets shall be the responsibility of the Chapter Judging Chairman.

5.0           The Chapter Judging Chairman shall appoint Judging Teams as required to support the years of the vehicles eligible for judging under the NCRS rules.


1.0           The North Central Chapter will publish a Chapter Newsletter on a quarterly basis; January, April, July, October.

2.0           The cost of printing and mailing the Newsletter is incorporated into the dues structure of the Chapter.

3.0           Advertising for personal items is free to Chapter members, commercial advertising in the newsletter is allowed and follows a rate schedule published in the Newsletter.

4.0           Newsletters shall be distributed to all current Chapter members, commercial advertisers,, Region V Representative,  Editor of the DRIVELINE and RESTORER, and any other person or organization as the Board deems appropriate.

5.0           The name of the newsletter shall be:



1.0           The Chapter must file an annual Report that updates the Directors on pertinent information regarding chapter activities.


1.0           NCRS, Inc. secures insurance for its meets and activities on an annual basis. The policy features coverage for General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Excess Liability.

1.1           NCRS approved Chapter activities are covered by a policy rider as a part of the NCRS, Inc. main policy featuring similar levels of coverage.

1.2           The Chapter shall notify NCRS, Inc.  Financial Officer of all chapter events to assure coverage.

1.3           The Chapter shall ensure that all Corvettes being judged carry adequate levels of general liability coverage. Owners of cars being judged should be prepared to prove they have the subject coverage in written form.


1.0           The North Central Chapter dues are set at $25.00 annually.

2.0           The Chapter shall at no time attempt to collect National Membership Dues.


1.0           Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed either by any member of the Board or by any 10 active members of the Chapter.

1.1           These bylaws shall not be amended or changed in any way that could reduce, nullify or change the nonprofit status of NCRS.

1.2           Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Chapter Chairman.

1.3           Any proposed amendment must be referred to a Bylaws and Rules Committee appointed by the Chairman for its study and recommendation to the Board.

1.4           Any proposed amendment or change in these bylaws shall be submitted to an attorney in the state of incorporation by the Bylaws and Rules Committee to assure that the Chapter’s nonprofit status will not be adversely affected.

2.0           Any proposed amendment shall not be held in committee or the Board for more than 15 months in each place.

2.1           Any proposed amendment held before the Board for more than 15 months shall automatically be considered to have passed the Board.

3.0           The Board must vote on any proposed amendment submitted to them, from the Bylaws and Rules Committee, by written ballot.

3.1           All ballots must be returned to the Chapter Secretary.

3.2           Any proposed amendment must receive a 2/3-majority vote of the entire Board in order to pass.

3.3           If the proposed amendment does not receive a 2/3-majority vote of the entire Board, it shall be null and void.

4.0           These bylaws become effective 30 days after the majority vote of the Board as of the April 6, 2006 meeting, as certified by the North Central Chapter Secretary and they supersede any or all previous by laws of The North Central Chapter of the NCRS, Inc.

4.1           Such date shall be announced in “CROSSED FLAGS”.