2022 Members of the Month

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January 2022 Member of the Month

Jason Jones

I have been married to my wife Amy for 28 years years. 

We have two children, Rylee is 24 years old and Ryan is 22. 

We currently have a 1985 Corvette. It was a bit of a basket case when we purchased it.

We have replaced most of the interior and I have it disassembled for paint, hopefully to be finished in the spring.

I have been a bodyman/painter for 30+ years and have a little history with this car as I had done some light paint work on it when it was new.

This is the first Corvette we have owned, although I have painted  several over the years.

I would like to add an early C3 at some point, although finishing the 85 is priority.

I joined the NCRS about 4 years ago when we purchased the 85.

That is when I became interested in Corvettes and their history.

That’s a quick run down of my Corvette history. 

Jason Jones 

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February 2022 Member of the Month

Andre Montgomery

First of all, we are excited to be part of this NCRS Chapter. Everyone has been very kind and helpful.  We have a 1967 SB 350hp in restoration and plan to show it at Bloomington Gold this coming June. In the fall we hope to have it judged at the fall meet and maybe take it to the Midwest regional in 2023. In the past we have owned 5 other Corvettes. Presently I am the President of Classic Corvettes of Minnesota, which has about 300 members. This club is more of a social club with C1-C8s represented.   I have enjoyed this chapter’s tech sessions as well as the judging meets. I appreciate the detail and the desire NCRS has in keeping the originality of the Corvette.  Without NCRS, most Corvettes would become restomods. 

On a personal level, we love to spend time with our 3 sons and their families which includes our five grandchildren. Both Julianne and I are happily retired.  

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March 2022 Member of the Month

Jerry Siler


Are you married?  Yes

Spouses name?  Sally

Do you have children?  Yes, three adult children, Jamie, Traci & Lane

Corvette(s) that you have:  2 Corvettes – 1967 & 1978

1967 : Convertible, 300hp, M20 4speed, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Approximately 130,000 miles, 3:36 Diff; 900 code Black car, Repainted/re-chrome bumpers/polish stainless in 2001

1978 : Coupe, L82, 4speed, 3:73 Diff, 26,000 miles

History of your Corvette(s):

Both of my Corvettes I owe to a co-worker who was a long time Corvette fan and owned many mid-year Corvettes in the past. In 1987, he told me about his friend that wanted to buy a Porsche 911,

and was looking to sell a 1978 Corvette that he bought as new. I then purchased his friends car. It was a 1978 Corvette with an L-82 engine, 4 speed and 13k miles.

A year later, my friend told me of a lady that was recently divorced and had a somewhat disassembled 1967 Corvette Convertible. My 1978 was like new, and needed nothing.

I was looking to take on a project, and this ’67 was the perfect candidate. So I bought it. Both of my Corvettes were purchased within one year.

What is your next Corvette project?  Installing a new convertible top on the 1967

When did you join the NCRS? I joined NCRS a few years ago after meeting Jerome Lardy at a picnic with Tim DeAtley

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April 2022 Member of the Month

Mark Shobe


Are you married?  Yes

Spouses name? Jane

Do you have children? 

3 children, Steph, Samantha and Patrick


Corvette(s) that you have: 

64 Coupe, 327, 4 speed. Original accept wildwood front disks. (Kept all the original brake parts)

73 Coupe, 350 (Hotrodder), Auto.

History of your Corvette(s): 

My 73 was the reintroduction to a fun car after the kids got older. I did exactly what they say not to do. I bought about 5 years ago and it was cheap but was tired. After rebuilding the engine, transmission, rear end, front end and interior it is now a reliable car for transportation. I will never get what I got into it so have no plans to sell it. After buying that car is when I decide to join NCRS. I am not a 100% purist, but the networking and knowledge that comes from our community is great!

I bought my 64 2 years ago once I had a little more knowledge about Corvettes. I was not planning on buying another car, but when I saw the advertisement for $43,000 I could not pass it up. It was not my ideal mid-year but it was close enough for the value. I have not HAD TO do anything to the car other than drive it about 15,000 miles. Took my fist longer trip in it last summer to Road America out by Milwaukee. The car had no issues on the drive, but gosh a reclining seat, heads up display and sound proofing would be nice! 


What is your next Corvette project?

 I am just hustling to complete a front end rebuild and front disk brake conversion on the 64. I have kept all of the original parts and along with the brakes have installed new adjustable shocks, HD swaybar,  Springs, steering box and Poly bushings. My hope is to do a little auto crossing with it this summer. As much as I like looking at a vintage car I want to experience driving them as it was intended. As one who always wants to have a good looking car I sent the front bumpers off to get re-chromed this fall. They were plenty shiny, but had been banged up over the years enough that they did not look fresh.

I put around 7,000 miles on each car last season and really enjoy the conversations at the pump and fun of a time machine. I know the C3 is not everyone’s favorite, but man… there is just something about that long, long hood!

North Central Chapter:

When did you join?

I joined about 3-4 years ago. I enjoy the national club magazine and the knowledge I have picked up from the group at a few events.

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May 2022 Member of the Month

Tom Roberts

Tom is married to Debra and they have 2 kids, Julia & Tony.

He has a 1965 Corvette Coupe that is Maroon/Maroon, with a 327 CI motor, and matching numbers.

It is a 4 speed with side pipes. Enjoy his photos below!

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June 2022 Member of the Month

Jeff Nelson

I’m a newer member of the NCRS North Central Chapter, having joined in Nov. 2020. 

My wife Karen and I have been married for about 16 years. Between us, we have five children, Kasey, Ben, Ana, Elise, and Laura. We also have five grandchildren, Caleb, Thomas, Alexa, Ellie, and Penelope.

I retired from 3M in September of 2017 after 39+ years. I worked most of my career in quality engineering and regulatory engineering compliance on 3M hardware products. 

I have two Corvettes: a 2007 Monterey Red Coupe (“Yvette”), LS2, 3LT, Z51, and a 1973 Silver Coupe (“Sylvia”), L82, 4-spd.

I bought the 2007 in February of 2011 from a guy in Buffalo, NY. The car was a one owner with 6,217 miles. 

I’ve volunteered to help with the development of the NCRS 2005-2007 Corvette Technical Information Manual and Judging Guide. I’ve been taking photos and providing technical information as requested with this car. I plan to continue with helping with this effort.

I bought the 1973 in October of 2020 during COVID. Winters are hard enough in WI/MN, and not being able to travel, I was getting stir crazy and needed a project. Karen encouraged me to get a hobby/project, so I bought the ‘73. The car has special meaning as this was the year I graduated from high school. I can remember sitting in study hall looking at car magazines when this car came out – and of course I wanted one. It only took 47 years to get one!

I’m the seventh owner of this car. Fortunately, some of the previous owners saved documentation and parts that they removed. The car came with four large cardboard boxes of stuff. I’ve had a blast going through the car, making repairs, and getting an idea of what was in all the boxes. One of my next projects will be to replace the chambered straight pipe exhaust with a correct aftermarket exhaust.

As mentioned above, I joined the North Central Chapter in Nov. 2020. I first heard about the NCRS and the local chapter from Dale and Val Crosby. Not having an older Corvette at the time, I wasn’t particularly interested in joining. Instead, we joined the Chevytown Corvette Club in Menomonie, WI. Tim DeAtley leads this club. As some of you may know, Tim is an avid collector and going to shows to see his cars judged inspired me to get an older car. Tim invited Jerome and Sarah Lardy to come to a Chevytown club event and talk about NCRS and North Central Chapter. I joined shortly after that.

I have really enjoyed the tech sessions, learning about the judging process, and getting to know the members. There is so much knowledge in the chapter and I look forward to tapping into it. Karen and I also enjoy the social activities.

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July 2022 Member of the Month

Mark Swanson

This month, our Member of the Month was featured in the Corvette magazine “On Solid Ground” which is the magazine of the Solid Axel Corvette Club. Please enjoy his article below!

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August 2022 Member of the Month

Scott Koblitz


Are you married? Yes

Spouses name? Mary (retired teacher) 

Do you have children? Yes, two adult sons, Scott & Cameron


Corvette(s) that you have:  

I am not a flipper, as I’ve had three Corvettes for over 35 years

Overview of your car(s): model, engine, convertible?, coupe? 

From the oldest, ’67 Marina blue on black Roadster, all number matching 390 HP convertible [I completed a body off restoration in 97]; ’69 Camaro convertible pro touring; ’70 Daytona yellow on black convertible (12K original miles, unrestored) that I just was awarded top flight in Reedsburg; and the rare one, ’72 Lt1 air convertible, Ontario Orange on black leather with 14,900 miles, also all number matching.

History of your Corvette(s):

When did you buy it (them)? Do you or your car(s) have a unique story to tell about how you got into the Corvette hobby? 

I’ve always thought Corvettes were special. Bought a rough ’66 coupe in mid 70’s, learned from that body off project.  Next was a ’73 454 air coupe. Then a white on dark blue ’63 split window that I stripped and painted the original Daytona blue. Then purchased the cars I currently own, the ’67 from the original owner, the ’70 from second owner, then the ’72 from original owner, and lastly the ’69 Camaro.

What is your next Corvette project? 

Just finished picking away at details I lost points for when having the ’70 judged, next is the rest of them. Might consider purchasing something more of a driver, a C8 maybe?

Repair? Updates? New top? Re-chrome parts? … etc  

These cars are pretty nice but have been mostly in hibernation for some time.  Looking forward to giving the cars more attention now that I have more time.  

North Central Chapter:

When did you join? What activity do you like best? Judging? Car cruises? Tech Sessions?

Joined during Reedsburg judging meet. This was a great experience, making new friends and learning from knowledgeable people. I have worked on all my own cars since I bought a ’57 Chevy when I was 15 years old.  As a retired Machinist, it is rewarding to the wrenching on my cars; and I also do the body and paint work.  I am looking forward to the judging event in Rochester next June.

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