Member of the Month

Each month a member of the North Central Chapter NCRS will be selected at random and highlighted as Member of the Month.  We hope this will allow all members to get to know one another better.

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Current Member of the Month

Jeff Nelson

I’m a newer member of the NCRS North Central Chapter, having joined in Nov. 2020. 

My wife Karen and I have been married for about 16 years. Between us, we have five children, Kasey, Ben, Ana, Elise, and Laura. We also have five grandchildren, Caleb, Thomas, Alexa, Ellie, and Penelope.

I retired from 3M in September of 2017 after 39+ years. I worked most of my career in quality engineering and regulatory engineering compliance on 3M hardware products. 

I have two Corvettes: a 2007 Monterey Red Coupe (“Yvette”), LS2, 3LT, Z51, and a 1973 Silver Coupe (“Sylvia”), L82, 4-spd.

I bought the 2007 in February of 2011 from a guy in Buffalo, NY. The car was a one owner with 6,217 miles. 

I’ve volunteered to help with the development of the NCRS 2005-2007 Corvette Technical Information Manual and Judging Guide. I’ve been taking photos and providing technical information as requested with this car. I plan to continue with helping with this effort.

I bought the 1973 in October of 2020 during COVID. Winters are hard enough in WI/MN, and not being able to travel, I was getting stir crazy and needed a project. Karen encouraged me to get a hobby/project, so I bought the ‘73. The car has special meaning as this was the year I graduated from high school. I can remember sitting in study hall looking at car magazines when this car came out – and of course I wanted one. It only took 47 years to get one!

I’m the seventh owner of this car. Fortunately, some of the previous owners saved documentation and parts that they removed. The car came with four large cardboard boxes of stuff. I’ve had a blast going through the car, making repairs, and getting an idea of what was in all the boxes. One of my next projects will be to replace the chambered straight pipe exhaust with a correct aftermarket exhaust.

As mentioned above, I joined the North Central Chapter in Nov. 2020. I first heard about the NCRS and the local chapter from Dale and Val Crosby. Not having an older Corvette at the time, I wasn’t particularly interested in joining. Instead, we joined the Chevytown Corvette Club in Menomonie, WI. Tim DeAtley leads this club. As some of you may know, Tim is an avid collector and going to shows to see his cars judged inspired me to get an older car. Tim invited Jerome and Sarah Lardy to come to a Chevytown club event and talk about NCRS and North Central Chapter. I joined shortly after that.

I have really enjoyed the tech sessions, learning about the judging process, and getting to know the members. There is so much knowledge in the chapter and I look forward to tapping into it. Karen and I also enjoy the social activities.