Member of the Month

Each month a member of the North Central Chapter NCRS will be selected at random and highlighted as Member of the Month.  We hope this will allow all members to get to know one another better.

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Current Member of the Month

Michael Murray

Who is Michael Murray, our Region V Representative?

My wife Bette I have been married for 59 years; she is also an NCRS Master Tabulator. We live in the Des Moines, Iowa area.

We have a one Son, Jay and five Grandchildren, the youngest is a High School Sophomore.

My interest has always been taking things apart to understand how they function and putting them back together. Likewise with my first Fuel Injection SWC. I took the unit apart to see how they work and did get it back together OK. We have also restored every house we have owned.

I have been a Corvette Guy since I was fifteen when I witnessed a ’57 Cascade Green blasting down the street. I learned later that it had a 348 tri-power engine. My first Corvette was a ’56 purchased at age nineteen, my first ’62 restoration was completed in 1964 and over the years have totally restored many Top Flight and Bloomington Gold cars. Some were abandoned derelicts. Every car has a story which I would be happy to bore you with the next time we meet.

I have owned every year Corvette from 1956 through 1982, ( except for a 1973 ) a ‘93 and a 2006 Z06. I am completely restoring a ’61 Jewel Blue and ’67 390 A/C coupe and have a ’94 driver that received a Top Flight, judged by some of our members at the Nebraska “Last Blast” this year.

NCRS was one of the best kept secrets. Bette came home from running errands and said, “There are a bunch of Corvettes Downtown” Off I went and joined that day. That was the first I learned of the organization in 1993, later we attended the National Convention at the now defunct St. Paul Fighting Saints Arena and have been attending North Central Events ever since. I began as an OJ working up to the 400+ level having Judged at all levels, Chapter, Regional and National, including the great honor to be selected as an instructor at all six Judges Retreats and being asked to be the Manual Coordinator for the revisions of the ’65, ’66 and ’67 Technical Information Manuals and Judging Guides. Also, I have been the 1965 National Team Leader, Judged with Bloomington Gold for fourteen years, five as C2 Division Director and have been a MCACN Judge since their beginning.

Currently, I am the Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Technical Advisor for the Heartland Chapter and have also served as Chairman, Judging Chairman, Chapter and Regional Event Planning Team Member. Performing as the Judging Seminar Instructor at all levels of Judging meets has been great fun.

I appreciate the chance to meet people from all over with like interests and being able to learn something new at every event.

Being retired after working in the Printing Industry as a pressman, to management, instructor and everything in between, I am now able to spend more time on my Corvette hobby.

I am most honored to have been elected to the position of Region V Rep that was certainly made possible with the support of you and the North Central Chapter.

I look forward to working with you to help improve our club.