2018 Members of the Month

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January 2018 Member of the Month

Alan Loosbrock 

Alan Loosbrock is the North Central NCRS Member of the Month for January 2018.


1963 Coupe, non-original 327, 4-speed, Riverside red.

History of Your Corvette:

Purchased in the summer of 1979 after high school graduation from a local used car lot.

Corvette Project:

I’ve always have had a love for Corvettes since I was in my early teens. Prior to purchasing my Corvette I had worked at a restaurant right next door to the used car lot and remember walking over to the lot and admiring the car. Shortly after, I had just started working a new and better paying job and somehow got my mother to co-sign a loan to buy the Corvette. I would eventually call it my basket case.

The car was raced sometime prior to my ownership. The sales person mentioned this but was also evident by the roll bar that was installed in the car (with an attached fire extinguisher) as well as the engine frame crossmember being hammered down to fit, I’m assuming, a big block. In addition, the wheel wells were flared. Unfortunately the car (prior to me owning it) was taken apart, butchered and Frankensteined back together with many non-original parts. There were parts that were missing and some parts even homemade.

I drove the car for only a couple years before I got the bug of bringing the car back to original, or at least as close to original as possible. I didn’t realize the nightmare I was getting myself into.

I worked on it for not quite a year and then life happened…Marriage, kids, no time, no money, no garage, mortgage, no money, moving, divorce, no money, etc. Oh, did I mention no money? So, with all of that and the frustration of the car needing so much work and parts, the car sat for decades and just collected dust. (Speaking of parts, if you have any ’63 parts you want to unload, let me know!)

It has only been in the last few years that I have started to work on it again. Lately my time has been spent stripping everything from the car. I am attempting a nut and bolt restoration.

I do have the body ready to remove from the frame. Maybe a tech session this spring/summer?

North Central Chapter:

I joined in January of 2015. It was Kevin Sullivan that encouraged me to join. Kevin and I go way back to our high school days. We both worked at the restaurant mentioned above and together we both admired the 1963 Corvette coupe sitting inside the building at the car lot next door. I believe Kevin was one of my 1st passengers in the Corvette. He credits me for helping him become interested in Corvettes. I now have to credit Kevin for helping get the spark back in me to keep plugging away on the car.

My work schedule doesn’t allow me to attend as many activities as I would like but since I am in the restoration phase of my Corvette, I really enjoy the tech sessions. I like learning from the sessions and also talking and listening to other club members. Being involved in the chapter gives me the interest and hope of completing my little red Corvette.

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February 2018 Member of the Month

Joe Galindo

I think the first  Corvette I ever saw was a new 1954 Corvette at a Chevy showroom in southern Minnesota.  I was with my grandmother as she was buying a new Bel Air four-door.  I guess that thrill has never left me.  I always wanted one but was told by my insurance agent to forget it.

Finally in 1987 the stars and planets aligned and I bought a 1960 Corvette. After hiring people to work on the car and not being totally satisfied, I decided to try my hand at restoration.  A year later I found another 1960 Corvette that was originally a fuelie.  With help from Classic Corvette members and a pile of money, I was able to complete the project and get a Bloomington Gold and NCRS Top Flight.

I believe it was in 1989 or 1990 that the North Central Chapter was started and I was a charter member along with Jim Fenske, Dale Crosby, Mark Swanson and Ken Esther and others.

I was an electrician for 50 years and retired at 65.  I’ve since added on to my shop and have made 56 to 67 Corvette restoration my 2nd career.

At this time I have a 57, 62 and 63 projects in the shop.  I presently have (2) 1959 Corvettes – one with late model Corvette LS running gear and one with an early GM Crate engine.

As far as the future of NCRS, I see more people wanting the looks of classic corvettes but want the reliability, and price of crate motors and transmission. These people want disk brakes, better handling, power steering and radial tires.  I think the future challenges of the Club will be to get the cars restored at a more affordable price.  Lately my son and grandsons have been helping me in the shop, so maybe there is hope for the future of Corvette restoration.

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March 2018 Member of the Month

Hans Skalle

My name is Hans Skalle. I’ve been married to my wife, Sara for 25 years. We have two daughters, Clare and Annika plus 3 dogs, 5 tanks of fish, 1 snake and a horse (and at least one red squirrel in the attic).

I’m the lucky owner of a black on red SWC fuelie. It’s a November ’62 car with power windows and a 4-speed. The paint and interior are finished and look great (thanks Tim Cossette!). My next project is lifting the body and restoring the chassis and drivetrain.

I’ve been a car guy since high school at Hopkins Eisenhower in the early ‘70s. Every Friday and Saturday night I’d cruise the main drag in Hopkins with 300 to 400 other cars. I still have the ’70 Firebird Esprit that was my first car (my Mom bought it new) but it’s since been updated with a 600hp 454 CID small block Chevy built by Bill Mitchell racing, a Ford 9 inch with 4.11s, a Tremec 5-speed and big discs all around. Clearly not a restoration project!

My first Corvette was a Panama yellow ’58. I bought it 12+ years ago. Fun car, turned heads, but was like riding in a buckboard! I sold it to buy the ’63 which I consider a truly beautiful and revolutionary car. My Split Window came out of Washington state and the paint and body was damaged during transit. Insurance covered the repairs and a full repaint and we decided to change the black interior back to its original red while the car was being worked on by Tim. The gauges had been redone. I had the radio rebuilt and Tim installed the carpet and stained the dash. I’ve owned it since 2007. Annika has already staked claim to it (Clare wants the Firebird). I’ve told them both that A.) I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, and B.) they both need to learn to drive a stick first.

I like ‘60s cars and I also own a ’62 T-bird Sports Roadster (another car with classic lines) and have also owned a white ’64 and black ’69 442, both were cool cars.

I’m actually not sure when I found and joined the NCRS and the North Central Chapter but I’m guessing it was 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve had a busy work schedule that’s involved a lot of travel so I’ve not been as active as I’d like to be (and I switched jobs a year ago and have become even busier which, I guess, is a good thing as I near retirement).

I really appreciate and enjoy the tech sessions that I’ve been able to attend – the knowledge and experience of our members and their willingness to help me and each other is really amazing! Having this support network in place really makes me feel a lot better about lifting the body and getting to work on my chassis which I plan to do this spring!

I’m both happy and grateful to be a member of the North Central Chapter of the NCRS! Thanks for featuring me as the member of the month for March 2018!

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April 2018 Member of the Month

Jim Fenske

I have been a car person since I was a young kid and saw a new 1954 Corvette in the small Minnesota town where I grew up.  Fast forward to age 16 when I convinced my dad to allow me to buy a somewhat used but driving 1950 Ford convertible for a whopping $87.  It would be a while before I could afford a Corvette. The Ford was my transportation for the next four years of high school and college.  In 1967 I purchased my first Corvette, a 1965 big block roadster and a year later I traded it in on a new 1968 small block roadster at Jay Kline Chevrolet in Minneapolis.  This car had an interesting history, as it was loaned to Rod Carew, the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame player, in exchange for commercials Mr. Carew did for the dealership.  I subsequently sold the 1968 a year later.  I didn’t own another Corvette until April 1974 when I purchased a 1962 that I still have today.

The ’62 was a driving car with original motor/drivetrain but a red metal flake paint job, thrush side exhausts and slot mags.  In 1976 marriage and family life took over, so the Corvette was put in storage.  The marriage ended in the late 80’s and in 1992 I decided to embark on a full body off restoration.  The car was totally disassembled, and the slow restoration continued for more than 10 years.  However, during this same time period, I totally restored a 1970 big block air roadster that earned a Top flight at our regional.  The 1962 was finally completed and in 2004 earned a very high Top Flight award at our regional event in Rochester.

As I continue my narrative, it will be become apparent that a large portion involves the NCRS and North Center Chapter (NCC).  I joined NCRS National in December 1976.  The NCC initial organizational meeting was held February 1986.  It was organized by Deanne Parker, a military person, and held at the Fort Snelling officer’s club. Twelve people including myself attended.  By the summer of 1987 over 50 members had joined.  In 1988 chairman Deanne Parker’s military status resulted in a transfer to another state.  As a result, leadership waned and opposing Minnesota versus Wisconsin factions arose and the chapter went into inactive status.  With the efforts of Dale Crosby, including myself and others, the chapter was reorganized late 1989 and has been healthy with a growing membership ever since.  I was a board member at the start of the chapter reorganization and continued as a board member through 2014 serving as membership director, technical director, judging chairman, vice president and president at various times.  My involvement with the NCRS has been very rewarding and I gained many new friends.

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May 2018 Member of the Month

Bob & Cyrena Schroeder

The North Central NCRS Member of the Month for May of 2018 is Bob & Cyrena Schroeder.  They own a 1971 Corvette, matching numbers LS5 (454/365hp), M-21 4speed, Steel Cities Gray (code 988) Coupe with Black Vinyl Interior (code 400).

The car was built on May 5, 1971, so she turns 47 this month.  It came with Power Steering, Power Brakes, Tilt & Telescopic Steering Column and Delco AM-FM Stereo.

The Vette has earned NCRS Top Flight Regional – 2016, NCRS Top Flight Chapter – 2015, Bloomington Gold – 2015, Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Triple Diamond – 2015, Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Concours Gold – 2015 and was on display at the 2017 World of Wheels.

Bob purchased the car at the Mecum Kissimmee Auction – Jan 2012. It was restored by Kiss’ Classic Cars. He always loved Corvettes, but never thought of owning one until 2012.  His dream car is a 1969 Corvette Convertible – 427 Triple Black.  Bob joined the North Central Chapter in 2013 and enjoys the car cruises.

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June 2018 Member of the Month

Larry Schaefer

The North Central NCRS Member of the Month for June of 2018 is Larry Schaefer.  Larry and his wife Cindy Komornick have been together for 11 years. Cindy has 2 grown daughters Christine and Cathy from her previous marriage and I have 1 grown daughter, April. Between us, we have 5 grandchildren and we love grand-parenting.

Corvettes: In 1973 I bought my first Corvette, a 1963 Split Window Coupe from Southworth Chevrolet in Bloomer, Wis. The car is equipped with a 300 hp. 327 ci engine; 4-speed transmission; positraction rear axle with 3:23 gears; AM-FM radio; a silver blue metallic exterior and navy blue interior. It is an all matching numbers car. In 1999 I began a body off restoration that took much longer than I anticipated due to an unscrupulous body shop owner.  After completion of the body off restoration, I entered my 63’ in the Bloomington Gold Certification judging on June 22, 2012 and was awarded the Bloomington Gold Certificate. On August 17, 2013, I entered my 63’ in the NCRS North Central Chapter judging meet at Long Lake, Minnesota and was awarded the Top Flight Award. I was convinced by friends in our Chippewa Valley Corvette club to enter my 63’ in the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago on November 23, 2014. I was honored to be awarded the Concours Gold Certificate and the Triple Diamond Certification.

In 1980 I purchased my next Corvette, a 1967 coupe from a good friend Jeff Follendorf who sadly passed away last summer. The car is equipped with a non-original 400 hp. Tri-Power 427 ci engine, close ratio 4-speed transmission; positraction rear axle with 3:70 gears; AM-FM radio; side mounted exhaust system; power steering; power windows; tinted glass all round; Elkhart Blue exterior and Teal Blue interior.

In 1997 I purchased my 3rd Corvette from my good friend Rocky Heike. The car is a 1986 Official Indy Pace Car convertible equipped with the 235 hp (aluminum cylinder heads) 350 ci engine; 4-speed automatic transmission; power steering; power brakes; power windows; AM-FM stereo cassette; leather seats; with Black exterior and Graphite interior.

I purchased my 4th Corvette in January 2018, a 2017 Grand Sport Coupe equipped with the 460 hp LT1 376 ci engine. The car has the 8-spd paddle shift automatic transmission, performance data video recorder with navigation; AM-FM stereo radio; remote start; keyless entry and transparent removable roof panel; carbon fiber ground effects and battery protection package. The car exterior color is Torch Red with the Jet Black color interior.

My Next Project with my Corvettes: I plan to replace all of the weather stripping for my ’67 Vette. I would also like to restore the side mounted exhaust panels on my ’67 if time permits. I would also like to have both rear bumpers rechromed on the ’67.

North Central Chapter: I joined the Chapter in August of 2013 after participating in the Chapter’s  Judging event at Long Lake, Minn. I found that all the Chapter members I came in contact with at the meet were very helpful and friendly. I look forward to trying to attend some of the Chapter events in the future. The events I find most interesting are the tech sessions and judging events.

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July 2018 Member of the Month

Terry Serres 

The North Central NCRS Member of the Month for July of 2018 is Terry Serres. He has been married to his wife Marlene for 39 years and they have two grown children, Josh and Jessica.

1961 = Jewel blue with white coves and a blue interior. It is a 245 hp hard top only car. He did a complete restoration of the car back in 2000. The car has won 4 NCRS Top Flights and the PV award. He also have 2 Bloomington Gold awards, many Gold spinner awards and Triple Crown award. He received the Duntov award with the car back in 2014.

1981 = Black with a red interior. Base engine with a 4 speed. Very original car with 47,000 miles on it.

1994 = Black with a black interior. This is hisdaily driver with 39,000 miles on it.

History of your Corvette(s):
He has always been a “car guy”. His father got him and his bothers into cars. His father had a 1940 ford business man coupe that they used drag race in the late 60’s and early 70’s. His father held the track record for F-gas at Rock Falls Raceway in the early 70’s. They still have the car today. Some of his best memories of his father were when he and his brother helped him restore his 1957 XK-140 Jaguar.

Terry got into corvettes with his twin brother at age 18. He purchased a 1963 split window and they restored the car together. It was a Daytona blue with a blue interior car with the 340 hp engine. From then on Terry has restored many corvettes and other cars with his brother. They both have 1961 Jewel blue corvettes that they restored together. They also restored a 1965 GTO convertible together that scored 99% at the GTO Nationals in Denver.

Other cars Terry has owned are an Original 1940 Ford Business man coupe, 1969 Camaro that he did a complete restoration on.

What is your next project? Next project is working with his brother on his 1965 GTO. This is a all original Minnesota car that they are doing a complete nut and bolt restoration on. Plan is to have this project done next year.

North Central Chapter:
He joined the NCRS back in 1996 and the chapter back in the late 1990’s. He really enjoys the judging sessions and would like to do more of the tech sessions.

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August 2018 Member of the Month

Vernon Petersen

Vernon Petersen is our August Member of the Month.  Vernon has three children, Jeremy, Nicholas & Elanor


Overview of your car(s): model, engine, convertible?, coupe? 

I have a 1957 with the original 283 ci engine. Single 4-barrel, off the line 220 hp, after rebuild 240 hp on the engine dyno. I purchased the car from NCRS member Dallas Haag (his member number is in the 200s!) in Kent, Washington. Body off restoration done by Nick and Laura Tidrick in Cambridge, MN. I have a soft-top as well as hardtop for the car.

I also have a 1970 Convertible that also has a vinyl hardtop. This car was a 350 ci / 350 hp car originally. The first owner of the car had an engine failure under warranty and had the dealer install an LT1 engine as a replacement. However, he didn’t want to put the LT1 hood on the car to accommodate the high-rise intake manifold. So they put the intake and carb from the original engine on the LT1 block. The 2nd owner of the car still had the high-rise intake manifold and sent it to me when I bought the car. When we did the body-off restoration on this car I put on the LT1 hood. This engine, after the rebuild put out 375 hp on the engine dyno. We used a roller cam (didn’t want to deal with the solid lifters), bored .30 over, and electronic ignition. The car is the original color, Donnybrook Green, but I changed the interior from green cloth (green outside and inside was a little too much green for me) to leather in the Saddle color. Nick and Laura did the restoration on this car too. This car came out of Wichita Falls Texas, so the frame was perfect, no rust at all. The car had not been driven since 1988.

History of your Corvette(s):

When did you buy it? Do you or your car have a unique story to tell about how you got into the Corvette hobby? 

I purchased the 1957 in April of 2008, the restoration took about 5 years to complete. I bought the 1970 in January 2013 and it took about 14 months to restore. Both engines were rebuilt by Jeff Wheeler of Wheeler Dyno. Steve Johnson (a local chapter member) did the transmissions and differentials on both cars.

What is your next Corvette project?

Repair? Updates? New top? Re-chrome parts? … etc 

These cars are my second and third Corvettes. My first car was a 1967 convertible that I bought when I was 18. I would love to find this car again and have the opportunity to reclaim it!

North Central Chapter:

When did you join? What activity do you like best? Judging? Car cruises? Tech Sessions? 

I joined the local and national chapters when I bought the ’57, which would mean I joined in 2008. I enjoy the tech sessions and shows. I’ve only been to a couple though, and I have not been able to attend any of the cruises. I travel a lot for a living and that means little home time that I choose to spend away from my kids. I would especially like to join in the fall color run.

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September 2018 Member of the Month

Andy Piazza

My wife Melissa and I have a 4 year old daughter named June. We also own a 64 Daytona Blue roadster with black and white interior.  We bought it in 2012 and have been steadily working on it since.  Major projects left include convertible top restoration, plenty of bodywork, frame restoration, disc brake conversion, installing the correct transmission and several others that are escaping me at the moment.  It’s always been in driving condition the whole time we’ve owned it.  I’ve always liked C2 Corvettes and had a friend who owned a 63 split window and would let me drive it from time to time which got me hooked.

I don’t remember exactly when I joined but I think I’m coming up on 2 or 3 years so I’m probably still considered a rookie.

I like tech sessions and judging events because that is where I can learn the most about the cars and how they are supposed to be configured since mine has been lightly abused and modified in it’s life.

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October 2018 Member of the Month

Pliny Smith

My 1964 Corvette is a Satin Silver convertible with Black interior.  I have both the silver hardtop and black soft-top. The engine is a 327 300hp, M20 4-speed transmission and 3:08 Positraction rear end. It has the AM-FM radio with power windows. When new the car came with a white top, steel wheels and the standard hubcaps.  I run 1965

original knock-off as they add a nice touch to the car.  I purchased these while living in Vermont in 1972 but they have never been run in the winter.

History of your Corvette(s):

I have always liked Corvettes with my first Corvette experience being a 1956 owned by a friend while I was in high school.  I remember sitting in my first new Corvette at Midway Chevrolet in Saint Paul in the fall of 1962.  It was a Fawn Beige 1962 with the hardtop installed.  Midway Chevrolet had a Red 1963 fastback in the corner window however that was cordoned off so you could only look but not touch.  I had the bug.  At that time I also started my Corvette dealer brochure collection and now have all the originals from 1963 to 2019.

I purchased the car in May of 1968 while I was a college student at Winona Sate College from the second owner who lived in Red Wing. The car was built in St. Louis, MO on January 6, 1964 and sold new from Ken Ray Chevrolet on West Broadway in North Minneapolis. From 1968 to 1974 I drove the car year round as my main mode of transportation, moving to Vermont in 1971 and returning to Minnesota in 1976.  I must say that the Corvette is a great winter car however the Minnesota and New England winters took their toll on the car.  Between this and storing it over the years in less than desirable conditions it took its toll on the frame and the rest of the components. When I purchased the car it had over 68,000 miles on the car with a broken odometer.  I am guessing with all the driving I did the car had to have had well over 100,000 miles on the car when it was taken apart in 2016.  I had not driven the car since 1997. With the 3:08 axle the engine was if decent shape when we took it apart and now copper was showing on the bearings. After I finish this one I just plan to enjoy my old friend and not take on another project.

Repair? Updates? New top? Re-chrome parts? … etc.

In November of 2016 the car was trailered up to Vanz Auto in Blaine to begin bringing the car back to a safe drivable condition.  This included replacing the frame with another 1964 frame which was not rotted out.  Upon dropping the car off at Vanz Auto, Van Mattson was able to get the car started after having it sit for 19 years. Since 2016 I have had the shifter, seat side rails and bumpers re-chromed.  I replaced the original white top with a new black top in 1970 while I was still in Winona. As part of the restoration the engine, transmission and rear end have all been fully rebuilt. The brake system and fuel system have been replaced with stock replacement parts. The original master cylinder is being replaced with a duel master cylinder for safety purposes. The seats and arm rests have been reupholstered with Al Knock upholstery.  The carpeting will be replaced when the car is drivable. This car is going to be a driver and not a show car.

North Central Chapter:

I joined the NCRS back in 2016 so I could use it as a resource for my car.  I then met Jerome Lardy at Back to the 50’s and became a member of the North Central NCRS.  With my current focus on getting my 64 back on the road I have only been to a few of the local Tech Sessions and activities however once my car is completed plan to get more involved.  At that time I will likely start attending the Tech Sessions and Car Cruises as they come up and am looking forward to it.  It has been a long time since I was behind the wheel of my 64.  So many memories and periods of enjoyment.

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November 2018 Member of the Month

Mike Schmoll


My wife’s name is Sue and we have been married for 48 years, both of us growing up in Bloomington but living in Eden Prairie since 1978.  We have two grown  daughters (Jenny and Shelley) who are married and 4 grandchildren Jack 13, Blake 10, Emma 6 and John 4.  Growing up in the 60’s I have always been interested in muscle cars and specifically Corvette’s but at the time they were not affordable or practical?

I currently have 2 Corvette’s: a 1965 and a 2011. I purchased the 65’ in June, 2001 –  1965 Roadster, L79 327, 350 hp, 4 speed, 3.70 gear ratio.  It is a unique car in that with a production # 23,485 it was produced on the last full production day in July for 1965 with 75 cars produced after my car and the last 2 cars for the production year produced the first day of August.  Two other things unique to my car but typical to cars produced at the end of production cycles in the 60’s as Nolan Adams and others have also verified: Several parts on my 65’ are 66’ parts – grill, Glove box door (script, inside tire pressure sticker).

Engine Pad Factory “Grindout”, here are the comments after our Chapter 2007 Regional Judging Meet – It was great to meet you & a bunch of other NCRS people from Minnesota at the Regional.

I was the 65-66 TL for the event & I told you I felt your cylinder case seemed to me to be an original stamping [ a factory grind out]. I have shared these photos with other members of the corvette hobby, & our opinion was all the same! Hope these pictures & opinions will be helpful.

Look forward to seeing you again. Thanks, Bill Calorico

I received a 92.6% score at our 2007 Regional missing a Top Flight by only 63 pts. even with a total deduct for Engine pad (38 pts).  Adding the engine pad back in plus 45 of the 62 pts. missed that were corrected in Operations and other small corrections made afterward, I was satisfied I had a Top Flight Car with my 65’.

I had a lot of help from  long time  members of our Chapter for the first few years doing a body on restoration, it was an  original car but a lot of the original parts were worn and the rubber needing to be replaced.  My main  mentor in the club was Ron Hendrickson who is gone  now but he spent several hundred hours over and under my corvette helping with restoration along with educating me.  Jim Fenske, Steve Johnston and others were also there to help!

2011 Grand Sport Convertible – I traded in a 1969 Corvette L79 Convertible in February, 2012 to purchase the Grand Sport that was an Indy Pace Car in 2011 with badging, used by GM Exec’s the week of Indy.  It had 380 miles on it from that week and was what I was looking for with 430 hp, paddle shift 6 speed auto, LT4 with every option but GPS.  I have driven this car only when the top can be down so as of the end of the season this year it only shows 3,800 miles on the odometer!

I currently do not have any major projects for my corvette’s other than maintain them and keep them updated to originality and continue to get them out and enjoy them each summer!

I joined the NCRS National and North Central Chapter in 2001, I have participated in two NCRS Judging School’s in Dallas the first one in 2005 and the last one in 2016.  I received my “Master Judging Hat” at our NCRS Regional in 2016 along with other club members which was a highlight!  I have enjoyed all activities with our chapter over the years, Judging Sessions are always good to review specific areas judged but also to understand the judging process and how to judge I think is important.  Tech sessions when they apply to interests I have I appreciate and also cruises in the summer as a way to get together more often I have enjoyed as well.

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December 2018 Member of the Month

John Ulrich


Louise and I have been married for 30+ years.  I also double as the “kid” in the family.

Corvette(s) that you have:

1981, 2014

History of your Corvette(s):

My first Corvette was a triple white 1963 convertible….. I was a 7 year old kid in Detroit (1963).  I gained proficiency at building AMT models and a few years later was experienced in paint and putty work.

I graduated to 1:1 scale around 1978 when I acquired a 1970 two top convertible and joined NCRS…part of college training in my book!   It had been winter driven and was quite “scalely” under the surface.  The windshield header leaked in rain and the hole under the glass was quite shocking when I replaced the windshield. I rebuilt the motor shortly before college graduation with stops in Tennessee, Indianapolis and to MN.  I visited Doug Rippe when he was out on Hwy 55 and decided a paint job would add up to be more then buying a perfect Corvette to begin with.

The ’70 was sent down the road as the restoration costs were not in line with its value.   A few years passed and I again was tired of reading about Corvettes, I wanted my hands on one!  Traveling 7 states for work allowed me to visited a lot of dealers….Remember, this was before the internet and you relied on Auto Shoppers and Hemmings for leads.  Howard in Sioux Falls was on the same wave length as me as to what a “cherry” car looked like.  A month or so later he called (January 1991) with a 18,000 mile, two tone, 4 spd, 1981.   A trip to Sioux Falls was in order and it was “cherry”.   Many sleepless nights later It was mine and I won my class at Plastic Fantastic for the next three years with it.  It’s been amazingly trouble free for 27 years now.  I still visit Howard, who has been in Phoenix for years.

As I was winding down my career, I thought a “once in a lifetime” museum delivery of the new C7 was in order.  During a 2013 Christmas visit with a long time Corvette/high school friend in Michigan. I mentioned we needed to order a pair of the new C7’s and take museum delivery together.  He smiled and said his arrived yesterday!   I took delivery in July of 2014.  After trips to the Tonawanda factory in NY the next year and the Lemay Museum in WA the year after, the C7 lives in AZ where it gets exercised on Route 66 and many mountain passes. It recently turned 35,000 smiles.  It sees many weekend car events as the desert fills up with Corvette “snowbirds” from the Midwest.

What is your next Corvette project?

The C3 will get it’s original U joints replaced next year with a bottle of Ibuprofen for me.   The C7 just got it’s original tires replaced.   Waxing is an on going “project”.

North Central Chapter:

I joined North Central 4 years ago.  Jerome Lardy was walking the neighborhood and “sniffed” out the scent of an old Corvette in my garage.  I’m more into Tech and Social activities.  I met Chris Enstrom years before thru an old, now unplugged, local Corvette internet site and helped when the body came off and back on his ’67.  I’d like to attend more events but I have a conflict with a motorcycle club breakfast I hold on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Starks….plus living in AZ for 6 months+ a year cuts into my snow shoveling.  You’ve got a great club going, I’m happy to join in when I can.

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