2015 Members of the Month

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February 2015 Member of the Month


Paul Burskit

Paul and his wife Nola have a daughter named McKenzie.  They own a 1962 Roman Red Corvette convertible.  A red interior and a black convertible top make this a very sharp looking car.  It’s powered by a 327 base motor with 4 speed transmission, positraction rear end, and Wonderbar radio.

His car was purchased from his father about 5 years ago.  His father had purchased a 1961 fuelie that he wanted to restore, so he sold the 1962 to Paul.  Paul’s father had bought the car in the early 1980’s.  Paul’s father had the car painted in the mid ‘80s and found that it had been painted 6 different colors in its lifetime.  The last color they found was Roman Red, so that’s the color he had it painted.

His next project with the car is to have the engine dyno’d at the February Tech Session.  He plans to put the engine back in the car later in the month.  He also plans to install a dual master cylinder brake system for safety reasons.

Paul joined the north Central Chapter about 3 years ago.  He enjoys the Tech Sessions and meeting all the other guys that like working on their cars.  Paul said, “I have a lot to learn from other members who grew up with these awesome cars.”

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March 2015 Member of the Month



Shawn and his wife Heather are expecting their first child, a boy in mid-March.

Shawn has 2 Corvettes.  A 1986 that his Dad purchased for him as his first car back in High School, and a 1966 Convertible.  The 1986 is a Red/Red leather interior, all original with 61K miles.  The 1966 is a Nassau Blue/white-blue interior, with white top.  It’s a 327/350HP, numbers matching, 4 speed.

Here is Shawn’s story of how he purchased his 1966.

“My love of corvettes first spawned when my Father surprised me with a used 1986 corvette as my first car. The love intensified from there….my goal was to have an “old” corvette convertible at some point in my life.”

“I spent a number of years searching on the internet and in person for our corvette convertible. After looking at many c2’s, and having no luck finding the “one”, we decided to switch gears for a moment and view a red/red 58 convertible that we found on the internet in the Cleveland, OH area. After speaking to the owner of the 58 on numerous occasions, we were able to schedule a time to view/inspect the vehicle in person. After scheduling the appointment time for the following week, I contacted the national NCRS to obtain the Cleveland, OH chapters contact information. I then contacted the chapter’s Judging chairman and asked if I could pay him to accompany me to the inspection. He responded yes, but suggested that no fee would be required. I explained to him that I wasn’t a member of the NCRS, but that I planned to become one once we purchased our desired vehicle. His response was – “I’ll help you with this inspection as long as you agree to join the NCRS once you find your car”. I agreed!!”

“The following week I scheduled a business trip to Chicago, and later that week, drove the 5 hours in a rental car from Chicago, IL to Cleveland, OH to view the 58. The 58 looked amazing in pictures, but was a disaster in person – cracked /re-welded frame, chipped paint and a major oil leak. Thank God for my NCRS companion – he saw it all during the inspection and advised against the purchase!! Needless to say, I politely passed on the vehicle. By this time it was now almost 9:00pm. Prior to leaving, my NCRS contact asked “what exactly are you looking for”…..I suggested that we were interested in a Blue on White or Red on Red C2 convertible but that if we found the right C1 offering, we may have some interest. After hearing my response, he said I “may have the car for you, let me make a call”. After speaking to one of his local NCRS chapter members, we agreed to drive to the member’s house some 15 miles away. It’s 10:00pm on a Thursday evening when we arrive at a long gravel driveway in the middle of nowhere. I’m a little apprehensive, but I’m holding true to my faith in the NCRS. The owner of the car emerges from his house; we share some small talk, and then walk to his storage building to view the car. He turns on the storage buildings lights, removes the tarp and raises his hoist for inspection…….It was love at first sight!! The car was beautiful and just what we were looking for!!”

“After completing the inspection, we agreed on a price, and a path forward to complete the sale. My long wild day was over. We had finally purchased our dream car!! I admired her one last time, jumped in my rental car, called my wife to tell her about the good news and made the long happy drive back to my hotel in Chicago.  The car was delivered the next week via enclosed trailer.”

Shawn’s next project with the ’66 is to complete a restoration of the interior.

Shawn joined the North Central Chapter in 2013.  In addition to giving his word that he’d join NCRS, he also wanted to gain more knowledge about Corvettes, and meet other Corvette owners.  Shawn added, “We’ve enjoyed meeting new people and learning about their corvettes.  I’m thankful for the friendships and knowledge that I have received thus far while a member of the North Central NCRS – Mike S, Will Z, Nick K, Jerome L, Dan O and Chris E have helped us immensely throughout our time with the chapter.”

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April 2015 Member of the Month




Paul Klemetson is our April 2015 Member of the month.  Paul and his wife Evie have two daughters, Lisa and Kristi.  Paul and Evie have five grandchildren who all love to ride in grandpa’s Corvettes.

Paul has three Corvettes.  In 2003 he completed a body off restoration on a 1966 Convertible, 327/350HP, 4 speed, matching numbers Corvette.  It was owned by the third owner for 28 years.


He recently started a body off restoration on his 1969 Convertible, 427/390HP, 4 speed, matching numbers Corvette.  This car received a Top Flight Award at the North Central Chapter level in 2013, and Second Flight Award at the North Central Regional in Rochester in 2014.  Paul says the Regional was a real learning experience, and met a great bunch of people.

The third Corvette is a 28,000 mile 1996 Collector Coupe LT4, 6 speed that he’s owned for 10 years.

Paul has spent hundreds of hours on these Corvettes, and enjoyed every minute.  He recalls only one time did he say to himself, “how can this be so frustrating?”

The story of how Paul purchased his ’69 is best told in his own words.  “I knew of the ‘69 for five years before the owner sold it to me in 2006, he was saving a ‘69 and a ‘61 for his kids.  But they decided they didn’t want them, so he called me, however he wanted to sell them as a pair.  I called my friend Mike Koffler and asked him if he wanted to look at a Corvette with me.  My buddies never turn down going to look at a Corvette.  I knew once he saw the ‘61, he would be hooked.  He was and bought it.”

“The guy I bought the ‘69 from, bought it in the mid 80’s from Sears Auto Imports in Minneapolis.  I sent for the NCRS shipping data report, and found out it was sold new in Washington DC.”

Paul’s next project is to get his ’69 ready to take to the Denver NCRS Nationals, and hopefully receive a Top Flight Award.

Paul joined the North Central Chapter in 2002 or 2003.  When asked why he joined he responded, “This is a great bunch of guys who liked the same cars as I do.  I wished I lived closer to take in more of the events.  Since one of my daughter lives in a suburb of the Twin Cities, I try to plan our trips when a Chapter meet is available.  But it doesn’t always work out.”

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May 2015 Member of the Month



Steve Hudak is our May 2015 Member of the Month. Steve and his wife Juli have a daughter named Mackenzie.

Steve has two Corvettes.

The first is a 1965 Nassau Blue coupe with blue leather interior.  The car is a 327/350HP, 4 speed, with factory air conditioning, AM/FM radio, teakwood steering wheel, soft ray tinted glass, posi-traction, and knock-off wheels.

His second Corvette is a 1979 Sport Coupe L48.  It’s Classic White with a dark blue interior.  It’s options are; automatic transmission, factory air conditioning, AM/FM radio with 8 track cassette (we all remember those), rear window defogger, sport mirrors, cruise control, telescoping steering wheel, alloy wheels with raised white letter tires, power antennae, dual rear speakers, power windows and doors, and a solid T-tops.


What follows is Steve’s story on how he found and purchased his 1965 Corvette.

“I first saw the ’65 in 1988, while staying with childhood friends of my wife in Denver.  This family friend had purchased it with the intention of restoring it, only to soon find out he had Rheumatoid Arthritis and could no longer work on the car. I purchased the car from him in 1998 and had it shipped to MN where it spent 6 years in a frame on restoration. I have taken it to many shows in MN and Iowa but the best one is when our ’50 Chev street rod was not running so I snuck the ’65 in as a late model ’64 because of the build date. As we left the show, a gate attendant shouted, “hey that’s not a ‘64”. I smiled, waved and thanked him!”

Steve’s next projects for his Corvettes are to replace the antennae motor on the 1979, and replace the weather stripping on the 1965.  Steve added, “Bob, when will you be available?”

Our friend Kenny Windschitl, in New Ulm, a founding member and a dental customer of Steve’s, told him to join the North Central Chapter.  Steve and his wife Juli have been members long enough to have enjoyed many beautiful Christmas parties at the Royal Oaks restaurant in Shoreview.  Steve enjoys the friendliness and the staggering level of knowledge of the members of the group and their willingness to share and help.  Juli also loves the social events.

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June 2015 Member of the Month


Ty Truax is our June 2015 Member of the Month.  Ty and his wife Nancy have four children, Trent, Tim, Thomas, and Taris.  They also have six grandchildren.  Ty is the past president and charter member of RACE (Rochester Area Corvette Enthusiasts).

The following two pictures are of two of Ty’s 4 Corvettes.  First his 1958 convertible (upstaged by his granddaughter’s C7), and second his 1969 L68.


Ty fell in love with Corvettes at the very young age of 13.  The one that caught his eye was a brand new 1963 split window coupe.  Five years later, at age 18 he bought his first Corvette.

Ty currently has four Corvettes; a 1958 convertible, a 1966 coupe, a 1969 L68, and a 1993 LT1.

The minor projects with all the cars is the ongoing routine maintenance.  The next major project Ty has planned is for the 1966.  This Corvette was discovered by Ty on an internet search and came from California.  It is an original big block car that currently has a 327ci in it.  The women that owned this car was from Los Angeles.  Her husband had recently passed away.  He had purchased the car in 1966, however it was not brand new as it was a repossession.  She said that her husband had proposed to her in that car almost 50 years prior.  I plan to put a 427ci that I have in the car.

In Ty’s younger days he raced stock cars.  He started at 16 years old and raced for 11 years until he got married.  His last stock car was a 1969 Chevelle.  He ordered a 427ci L88 motor from Iten Chevrolet for that car.  When he retired from racing he saved the motor and now he figures the most natural place for it to go (other than an original L88 car) is in the 1966 as it is stamped as a factory replacement motor from Chevrolet.

Ty joined NCRS back in 2004, and joined the North Central Chapter about 3 years ago.  The reason he joined is not only the wealth of information, but the willingness to help and the great people he’s met through NCRS and the North Central Chapter.

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July 2015 Member of the Month


Alden Miles is our July 2015 Member of the Month. Alden and his wife Lyn have five children, Adrianne, Ben, Sara, Alysha and Caitlin.


Alden and his wife Lyn have a 1958 Corvette convertible.  Alden says it’s his wife’s car, as the picture attests.  They have taken it completely apart to do a nut and bolt frame off restoration.  When completed it will be Regal Turquoise, White Coves, and Charcoal interior, with a White convertible top.  The options will include a 283ci 270HP, 4 speed transmission, heater, courtesy lights, power windows, Wonderbar radio and posi-traction.

What follows is Alden’s story on how he found and purchased his 1958 Corvette.

“The car was purchased by a farmer in Medford, MN in 1974 from Pennsylvania and trailered it back to Minnesota. After arriving home he preceded to remove the outside trim and interior. Thirty years later and he told his son he was 85 years old and didn’t think he would get to finish the Corvette. On August 30, 2004 we purchased the car on Ebay. The car was in a dirt floor pole barn with a 327ci and a Muncie Transmission that hadn’t run for years with boxes of parts.”

Alden is moving full speed ahead to complete the total restoration of his 1958.  He purchased a 283ci 270HP short block, heads, 2X4 intake, Carbs and other engine parts on Ebay.  He also purchased a 1958 Corvette Borg Warner T-10 on Ebay.  The body has been media blasted, and the frame and suspension have been sand blasted before painting.  He has started the assembly of the frame, front and rear suspension and assembled the engine.  The body is currently being repaired and body work completed.  Next the engine and transmission will be inserted into the frame with the exhaust as was done at the factory.  Later the body will be lowered onto the frame for final gapping of the hood, doors and trunk before being taken apart for paint.  Alden hopes to complete the car in the next few years.

Alden has been gracious to have hosted a Chapter Technical Session and another joint Chapter Technical/Judging Session at his house.  At those sessions members helped Alden assemble the front springs and assemble various parts to the frame.  Then mock judge the frame.

Alden joined the North Central Chapter in June 2013, because he wanted to meet people who restored Corvettes or knew people who did.  Alden has enjoyed the Technical Sessions and Judging Events even if he doesn’t have a car yet to be judged.

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August 2015 Member of the Month


Linda Krickle is our August 2015 Member of the Month. Linda is a widow, her husband’s name was Jeff. She has three grown children, Lisa, Chris and Andy.

Linda’s car is a 1967 Corvette convertible, in Rally Red with black interior. The car has both a hard top and a black soft top. It has a 327ci 350HP motor with a 4 speed manual transmission. And of course an AM/FM radio.


Linda’s husband Jeff purchased the car in 1972 from a private party in Fridley or New Brighton. Linda said Jeff loved his Corvette. He spent many hours restoring and painting the car in their small garage (at the time) in Crystal. He was very proud of his 100% owner restoration. He especially enjoyed taking the Corvette to the different car shows around the Twin cities.

No new projects are planned for the car at this time, although maybe a new clutch sometime in the near future.

Linda has been a member of the North Central Chapter since 2011. Jeff was a member for quite a few years.

Linda says the best part of being a member is knowing that there are lots of other members that she can talk to if she has questions or problems. She doesn’t get to too many meetings a year, but has always felt welcome when she has attended.

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September 2015 Member of the Month


Mark Kravik is our September 2015 Member of the Month. Mark and his wife Deborah have four children, Charles, Jessie, Emily and Katina.


Mark has a 1963 Corvette convertible. The Corvette has a red exterior color, black soft top with black interior. It’s a 327ci/300HP but no power windows or brakes.

A number of years ago, Mark responded to a magazine advertisement listing the car for sale. Work had been started on the car in the late 1960’s when the owner died, the car sat for over 40 years when the owner’s father sold it. Many parts on the car are original, however some parts are missing and the front end and hood are not the correct year.

Currently Mark is reading and learning about Corvette restorations. He’s trying to decide what level of restoration to perform and has not started work yet.

Mark joined the North Central Chapter because he wanted to meet people who restored Corvettes and to learn from their experiences. Mark especially enjoys the tech sessions.

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October 2015 Member of the Month


Toby Engen is our October 2015 Member of the Month.  Toby and his wife Barbara have two grown children, Christa and Kim.

Toby Engen Oct 2015

Toby’s car is a 1962 Corvette convertible, in Ermine White exterior, black convertible top and red interior.  The car has both tops.  It has a 327ci 340HP motor with a 4 speed manual transmission.  It’s a no options car.

Toby and Barbara purchased this Corvette in 1989.  In Toby’s words here is how they found and restored the vehicle.  “We found this vehicle in December 1989 at the Toy Store on Hwy 65, Ham Lake, MN.  This was one of two 1962 Corvettes from the estate of a gentlemen in Anoka.  This was the best looking of the two and was not molested in anyway shape or form.  We began a frame off restoration in February 2009 and completed it in April 2010.  “Joe’s Garage” in Ramsay, owned and operated by Joe Galindo and his partner Nick Maras did a fantastic restoration.  We have over 400 photos of the restoration.  The body and frame have never been hit or damaged.  We are still looking for previous owners from its delivery in Pompano Beach, FL: to our purchase in December 1989.”

No new projects are planned for the car at this time, just maintenance and upkeep.

Toby Engen Oct 2015_2

Toby and Barbara joined the North Central Chapter about two years ago.  Their purpose in joining was to meet other chapter members and join in some of the activities.  Due to their schedules they have yet to make it to a meeting or event, but hope to change that in the not too distant future.  Ken Enstrom is a friend and classmate of Tobys from Fergus Falls High School.  I enjoy the monthly newsletters and other emails that are sent out from the chapter.

Before we end this monthly article there is another bit of car history in Toby’s past that I’m sure readers will find interesting.  Below is a picture of Toby’s 1964 Biscayne, 409/425 hp, four speed, 4:11 gears that he bought in January, 1964.  It was delivered on May 4, 1964.  This was a “Plain Jane” and Toby made the rounds to numerous drag strips in the Upper Midwest, Canada and Missouri for two seasons.  He sold the car to a guy on a Saturday in July, 1966 and he went out and blew the motor within 12 hours!  Toby’s always had a love for great cars.  If you mention Toby’s 409 to Kenneth Enstrom (we graduated together in 1964) I’m sure he will remember.


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November 2015 Member of the Month


Dave Edmeyer is our November 2015 Member of the Month.  Dave owns a 1969 Corvette Coupe 427ci 400hp 3 x 2 carburetors, 4 speed M21 transmission, Monza Red, Born in St. Louis, October 28th, 1968.  The car was delivered to Viking Chevrolet in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Up to that date only 1,173 cars had been built for the 1969 model year.  The window Invoice: was $5,727.

Dave Edmeyer 1969 BB

Dave and his wife Kathy were fresh out of college in 1970, newlyweds wanting a Corvette.  They looked at many cars.  They came close to buying a 1958, but they wanted a bit more flash, offered by the new Shark styling, along with reliable transportation.  In the Minneapolis Sunday Paper, (before Craigslist) they saw “MUST SELL THIS WEEKEND- $2,850”.  It was August 1970. The car had high mileage for only a year, 28,000 and had a car wash brushed finish!  At the time this was $500 to $700 less than market value and a must buy.  They fell in love with the car and purchased her, the beginning of a 45 year relationship with a Corvette they named “Vivian”.

427 Engine 1969

Dave said he remembers the ride home looking through the windshield viewing the high swept front fender lines and the high rpm coughing and missing (he had to run it through the gears).

For many years “Vivian” was Dave’s everyday driver, 85 miles round trip to Red Wing, daily hauling groceries, children, dog and sporting equipment.  They took the Corvette for a trip through Canada and when they returned the Canadian border crossing guards had to be convinced that there was not a trunk.  The lock they saw in the back was for the alarm.  However the alarm did not work adding to the suspicion of the border crossing guards.  After a complete search they were permitted go.

All three of their girls rode in the rear compartment behind the seats.  They now shutter at how dangerous that was.  Dave shares a number of family stories regarding the Corvette.  Dave’s three year old Britt and friend Angie decided to use “Vivian’s” sloping hood as a slide.  Their daughters all learned how to drive a stick shift with “Vivian”.  The 427 was not always compliant.  With their first daughter Erna, “Vivian” bucked along with too little gas and not enough clutch.  Their oldest daughter, trying to master the clutch, has the honor of laying 30 feet of rubber –in reverse!  Dave said their second daughter Rachel, handed him tools while he lay underneath replacing a motor mount.  All very fond family memories of life with a 1969 Corvette named “Vivian”.

“Vivian” was quite dependable most of the time with the exception of a ‘fuel pump’ which failed along Hwy 61.  There he was on the gravel shoulder installing a new pump.  He said he thought “Vivian” just wanted an audience.  As the car got older Dave noticed a noise had developed, a piston slap.  He decided to do a complete engine rebuild.  This included an upgraded camshaft.  It turned out great; rough idle, a little more clutch needed to get going, lots more power but worse gas mileage, 12mpg.  And this was the early 1970s during the gas crunch, ouch!

The Corvette was put away for a few years, however they promised to bring “Vivian” back to her original glory.  Seven years ago they decided it was time to have a major restoration completed.  They brought the Vette to the best, Kiss’s Classic Auto Restorations.  The day they picked the 1969 up from Kiss “Vivian” was beautiful, her glory restored.

A tragic event occurred in Dave’s life four years ago that left him a paraplegic.  He can no longer drive “Vivian”, but he can still admire her beauty.  Now his daughters and wife are behind the wheel.  When they were young, Dave’s wife Kathy did a pretty good job in competition drag racing, so at his request she can still do a burn out, along with very crisp 1st to 2nd shifting.  Now Dave says it’s fun to see the sparkle in their grandchildren’s eyes when they admire her.  Dave expects “Vivian”, their family member for over 45 years, to continue to be part of the family for many more years to come.

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December 2015 Member of the Month


Len Kaufer is our December 2015 Member of the Month.  Len and his wife Donna have four children, Matt, Nick, Mandy, and Clayt, and eleven grandchildren.  Len says, “thank goodness none of them live at home any more”.

Len owns three Corvettes, a 1968 Convertible, a 1987 Coupe and a 2008 Coupe.

The 1987 was built on September 25, 1986 and shipped to Luby Chevrolet in Denver, Colorado.  He has owned it since October of 2002.  It is Silver Beige in color and has all factory options (except two-tone paint) including (MM4) 4+3 Manual Transmission and (Z51) Performance Handling Package.  Best of all everything works as it should and it still has many of its’ original parts.


The 2008 has been his three season daily driver since new.  It is Jetstream Blue and has a few subtle modifications to make it uniquely his.  Len’s favorite option on this car is (R8C) Museum Delivery.  He picked up the car on May 13, 2008 accompanied by his oldest son.  It was done as a reunion trip to commemorate picking up his 1996 Coupe in May of 1996.  His car was the 74th car that had the privilege of being a Museum Delivery car.  It is still one of his prized possessions.

The 1968 is a late production car and was built on July 26, 1968 and shipped to Jackshaw Chevrolet in Euclid, Ohio.  The car somehow made its way south and spent some time in both Florida and Georgia.  The car was originally “British Green” and someone decided that it would look better in white.


At some unknown time the 1968 turned into “just another old car” and was left sitting outdoors to while away a few years.  During this time many parts were pilfered and it was basically ignored.

The story that he was able to get was that it was salvaged by a repair shop in Georgia and brought back to life to try to make some money off the Corvette lovers.  Many things were done to the car and many parts were replaced.  The body had been hit in the left front and the left rear quarters and repaired with large quantities of fiberglass resin, sheet metal and pop rivets.  It had been repainted white more than once.  It also had a 1969 side exhaust system installed.

Len’s first winter with the car called for a body off mechanical rebuild.  Everything was stripped off the chassis, and it was chemically stripped and powder coated.  He cleaned and powder coated all of the small parts himself and he replaced or rebuilt every moving part before putting it back together.

A couple of years later he was dismantling things on the engine to freshen it up a bit and found that the engine block was badly cracked in the lifter valley and had been brazed back together.  The braze was cracking and breaking open again causing several anti-freeze leaks.  He removed the engine and replaced it with a new GM 350 block stroked to about a 378 cubic inch displacement.  To the uninitiated it still looks like a 327 but it’s a whole new animal.

Len retired in 2013 and made plans for restoring the body as a retirement project.  He made arrangements with Kiss’s Autobody and got to work removing the interior and all external brightwork.  Kiss’s came and picked up the car in October of last year, repaired the fiberglass, installed the correct rear valance panel, painted it the original British Green and returned it on January 8 of this year.  I put it back together with a new interior, polished or re-chromed trim and an original style under car exhaust system.

Last winter was his big final push to get the 1968 in acceptable condition.  Next he’s going to just lay low and probably limit his car projects to small details.  He’s diverting his main energy to completing the total restoration of his early serial number 1939 John Deere Model B tractor.

Len has been a national NCRS member since about 2000 and just finally decided that he should see what the local chapter’s activities were like.  So far the combination of technical knowledge and everybody’s friendly attitude has helped to make it interesting.

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